Robin Winslow

About me

I’m an experienced web developer and team leader with wide-ranging expertise and interests. I enjoy finding elegant solutions within complex systems, and I care deeply about communications technology. I’m opinionated and I will happily share my opinions given half a chance.

I want to be a part of a progressive and ambitious organisation of people who truly care about their colleagues and their customers. I like openness and transparency, and I would love to work with people who shares these values. I believe strongly in fostering a no-blame culture, where everyone feels encouraged to give their opinion, and in striving to empower and respect all members of the organisation.

I believe a company is an organisation of individuals for the good of those individuals and the good of the human race. Whilst it is important for a company to remain financially sustainable, I believe that making money should never be the central motivation for any organisation.

I believe the best work is done by small, focused teams of empowered and committed individuals evolving towards a common goal.

I believe that the most valuable ideas are reached through fostering a spirit of diversity, openness and experimentation.

I believe that effective communication is critically important in all areas of life.

I enjoy having impassioned discussions with opinionated people in the workplace or anywhere else.

I love skiing.