Robin Winslow

Training courses

MSc Interactive Systems Design

The University of Nottingham, graduated 2010

The Internet is the largest and most complex socio-technical system in existence. Interactive Systems Design taught me how to think about, study and design solutions for large interacting social and technical systems. I learned usability principles (e.g. Nielsen’s), principles of cognitive systems interaction and design principles for mobile technologies. I also learned about conducting and statistically analysing social and user studies.

I also had a journal paper published from some of my work.

BSc Computer Science

The University of Nottingham, graduated 2007

I learned about object oriented programming, unix systems, security principles, functional programming, mathematics for computer science and database theory.


Leighton Park, Reading

I got A-Cs in English Language & Literature, Chemistry, Physics and Maths at A-level, and I got a bunch of GCSEs including Art and German.