Robin Winslow

On I started my new job in Canonical's design team.
I am therefore no longer looking for new opportunities.

Lead developer

Hillarys - August 2012

The development team was fairly new when I arrived at Hillarys, consisting of only two developers. I was brought in to lead and develop a modern development team. The team has since grown with the addition of another senior developer.

I advised the team to use Git as our version control system, trained the team in its use, and migrated all existing repositories to Github. I helped to train the junior developer in version control, server-management and object-oriented programming. I also suggested and implemented morning standups, sprints and planning meetings which are now invaluable team practices.

I learned C# so that I could architect and lead the rebuild of Arena. I also made the site (somewhat) responsive at the same time. This project has now become the basis for two more site rebuilds.

My most important role has been to oversee the migration of Web-blinds (8k daily visitors) to being supported in-house. This involved restructuring the repository, recreating the build system and doing considerable maintenance work on the server, alongside a large new international project on the site.

Full-stack developer

IPC Media - January 2011

I was a key member of a small team responsible for Countrylife, Horse and Hound, Golf Monthly and Shooting UK, within a large department comprising over 40 developers.

The expertise and experience of the developers at IPC created a wonderful environment for me to learn about full-stack development and the management of large-scale websites. I became very interested in agile project management strategies, web performance, continuous integration, design patterns and behaviour-driven development.

I also learned a lot about agile project management techniques, and participated in many decisions about new features and prioritisation of work.

I was central to a semi-responsive redesign of Countrylife, which is still the current design of the site. I maintained and wrote new Symfony modules, and helped to develop our build and continuous integration systems for all our sites.

I also gave two presentations on new technologies to the department.

Previous roles

Energise, Mokoro, Tamar - until 2010

During my MSc I advised Energise on a large-scale web project, and built the bulk of the solution in CodeIgniter. I also advised Mokoro on redesigning their intranet for use by their consultants all over the world, and helped build the solution in Drupal.

During my MSc and BSc and during my year in industry I worked for I was a member of a small team working on large perl projects and ongoing maintenance on ecommerce websites for financial institutions like Endsleigh and online retailers like Dreams.

Tamar was where I started to learn about front-end technologies. I became their CSS expert, and I led JavaScript development and helped develop a new JavaScript library. I also adapted and improved their existing bespoke Perl framework and learned to use Catalyst.